• About Surgical Orthodontics

    Surgical Orthodontics is often the treatment solution when the bite problem is so severe that orthodontic treatment isn’t enough to correct the problem, or where orthodontics alone would compromise your facial appearance. Why is it important to correct bite problems? Severe malocclusion (bad bite) may cause many functional problems, such as inability to chew food properly, speech difficulties, and facial dysfunction characterized by headaches, joint pain, and periodontal trauma, as well as self esteem issues related to the physical appearance relative to the bite. Orthognathic surgery can also be an important part of the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

    Surgical Orthodontics is a team effort; optimal results are facilitated using graphic imaging and interdisciplinary planning in collaboration with Dr. , your dentist, oral and maxillofacial surgeon, plastic surgeon and YOU. Doctor and colleagues have pioneered this comprehensive approach to treatment here in Birmingham that is more than “just teeth”.

    While surgery may be the best option to achieve desirable functional and cosmetic results, it is always an elective procedure. Other treatment options will be presented to you in the consultation appointment. In this visit, we will discuss:

    — Overall treatment analysis and list
    — Treatment objectives
    — The anticipated treatment sequence
    — Treatment options and their relative weaknesses and strengths

    Note: An important note- It is essential to see the orthodontist early. Why? The overall orthodontic treatment outcome can be functionally and esthetically better than if seen at a later stage of growth. Jaw surgery may be avoided through orthodontic treatment, appropriately timed, to correct the growth pattern during the optimal stage of the patient’s growth.

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